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IT HAS COME TO OUR ATTENTION THAT WHEN YOU GOOGLE MARVEL BULLDOGS IT COMES UP AS A SCAM...THE WEBSITE THAT IS A SCAM IS WWW.MARVELBULLDOGS.COM THIS IS NOT US...WE ARE WWW.MARVELBULL.COM.....please contact us for more details on available puppies and upcoming plans via text at 413-875-5417 or email are taking a break from Facebook so please use email or text...thank you

A Little reminder we do not breed any colors not accepted by the French Bulldog Club of America...this includes blue/grey...merle..chocolate etc as these are not acceptable colors for the French Bulldog

We are located in Westfield Massachusetts.  We fell in love with the English Bulldog breed 12 years ago when we purchased our first Bulldog Marvin and the rest is history we were addicted. In April of 2018 our beloved Marvin passed, it was a VERY sad time for us.  We will continue our passion for English Bulldogs but in August 2018 we welcomed our first French Bulldog Moose.  English and French Bulldogs do wonderful together!  We now have added a few more French to our English family and will be breeding and showing French Bulldogs right along side our English Bulldogs.  We hold the same high standard for both breeds   We plan our litters very carefully and each litter we hope produces our next show puppy but we can't keep them all so we do have quality puppies available from time to time to loving family homes.  Our French Bulldog puppies start at $4500 (limited AKC registration).  A note before contacting us we are very busy with our pet care business as well so please only contact us if you are serious and also understand the price of our puppies.  thank you for your interest : )


RIP Our Sweet Boy Marvin

8-28-08 to 4-23-18



Kim Kirsch

Cell: 413-875-5417